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Please, export BP in a form of a .zip file and send it to me with the 2 input files: main.csv and input_data.csv.


Data extraction from PDFs .zip (26.3 KB)
main_s.csv (317 Bytes)
input_data10.csv (1.7 KB)






Assignment 1: Business Process Design


Assignment 2


I am using .PDF but I am getting an error “The record cannot be previewed. Provided url is incorrect or cannot be resolved”. Please refer the enclosed screenshot. The provided URL is correct and I can download the file if I enter it in Chrome. I tried converting converting PDF to JPG/PNG/TIFF but I am getting an error that these formats are not supported. I couldn’t find the OCR plugin to convert the PDF to HTML.

Sample URL



Hi, Amar! Please, provide more detailed info with screenshots: 1. Input data; 2. BP run; 3. Workspace, etc.


Hi @abrakovich, I am attaching the CSV file and the screenshot of the manual task configuration. I am not sure how to get the BP run for the manual task.
input_data10.csv (3.5 KB)


Hi, Amar! 1. Manual Task itself can show files only in html format. You are trying to use files of .pdf, .png and .tiff format as input files and it causes the error. 2. Before performing manual task bot you have to add BP "Data extraction from PDF. Manual task bot should go after it.


Assignment 3


Assignment 4


Assignment 5


Assignment 6


Assignment 7


In assignment 6: how to complete the below given step - Add a rule for checking the condition whether all information is entered in the Excel file. For example, variable ‘file_ready’=‘true’."
In which recording should this variable be added? how to find out if the file is ready? In which step set it to “true”? Once it’s set to “true”, how to make sure that it’s not reinitialized to false?


Please, watch the video ‘RPA Express WorkFusion Studio Excel Report Bot’. Starting from 6:30, this problem is discussed there.


In Assignment 3, I am unable to upload the main_s but able to do so for the input_data10 as a data file. Why is this happening? Please take a look at my video as a reference:

Here are my two files
main_s.csv (8.9 KB)
input_data10.csv (2.9 KB)


Hi, Edward! The link in main_s.csv have pasted in strange format. Just redo it. It have to look like in input_data10.csv.