Max files size for RPA Express Excel function

Good day

What is the max size for an excel file to import into a table for RPA Express?

Also rows and columns?

It depends on your free RAM volume.

Do you have sample file which cannot be handled with Excel action?

18mb spreadsheet file, bot just stop and do not read the data to a table

Can you share your Excel file and the sample recording?

Is it the problem described here - Bot freezes - java binary SE issue?. ?

I cannot share the excel file…

The issue is not related

The issue you refer to runs it just freezes after a while

this one does not even go past the open spreadsheet step (it stops with the play and stop button displayed at the bottom right) (7.2 KB)


Thanks for your i9nformation. We will investigate this issue and notify you when it is fixed.


Is there any update to this issue? I have a similar issue (25mb file) which will not be opened by the “Open Spreadsheet” step and errors out after a few minutes.


now the limit is 12MB if you have only strings in Excel.

Number of strings depend on their length. For 8 columns it is 240 000 lines

Thanks for the update!