Maximize Website opened in browser



I have created a Recordingg where I have opened a website using OpenWebsite
with Chormium Portable (beta). I want to maximize the browser window, I am unable to
do it, because of below issues:

a. When I am trying to do it by adding Alt+Space+X simultaneously in Keystrokes -
Key combination, system is either storing Alt+Space or Alt +X. Is there any way to store
three keys together ?

b. When I am trying to adding “Maximize” action below the Open Website Action too, it is not working. Kindly suggest solution for this.



Hi, @Ankit_Jain7
We do have issues with Maximize action, but if you upload your script to CT it wal maximize automatically

Also, we do not recommend to use Chrome portable, try FF or IE instead

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Thanks for your help.