Mechanism Required for Selecting from a List of Names on a Web Site


I have a requirement to look up a particular record (identified by data contained in a variable) from a dynamic list displayed in a browser window. It seems like a common scenario for which I can’t see a solution - so I’m looking for inspiration.

Specifically, on a regular basis I have to pay beneficiaries contained in a list in a spreadsheet using an online banking app. whose payments window displays a list of all available beneficiaries. I need to:

  • select each beneficiary in turn, and the amount to pay, from the spreadsheet,
  • go into the banking app’s payments window in the browser,
  • select the beneficiary by name from the full list of beneficiaries to activate their custom link,
  • in the beneficiary’s payment form presented, I have to enter the amount to be paid and then confirm the transaction.

The list of beneficiaries is not static, new ones are added regularly and old ones removed.

I can populate the beneficiary and amount from the spreadsheet and loop until the list is exhausted. But I can’t see a way of achieving the look-up easily, since the “Move Mouse” and “Click Mouse” actions require an image of the beneficiary name to perform the look-up and selection. Co-ordinates of each name in the beneficiary list will change each time the list is updated so can’t be used either. Is there a way of achieving the look-up, possibly by selecting a beneficiary link using the underlying mark-up rather than its rendition?




We are currently working on the Object Recording mechanism which will be more universal than the image-based one.

Meanwhile, you have two options:

  • use keyboard (TAB and arrow keys)


  • use relative clicks and the anchor area. In this case you do not depend on the dynamic text and perform clicks relatively to constant UI elements (tables, buttons, labels, etc)



I don’t believe either of these options offer a solution.

I need to read some text from a spreadsheet (that’s ok) then locate that text in a dynamic list on a Web page. So I can’t see how Tab and arrow keys can be used to _ locate_ the text in the list, or how relative clicks can be used either (since the list changes regularly the co-ordinates of many matches will change).

I’m thinking I’ll have to capture each list record from the Web page in turn, OCR the name portion of the record and store it in a variable, go into the spreadsheet to search for an exact match to the variable, then, when a match is found, execute a click on the name in the Web page list to display the required input form for that name.

Is there a simpler way?