Memory Leak in JVM?

I’m running RPAExpress 2.0.5 on a quad-core Windows Server 2016 with 12GB memory. I’m using Scheduler to run a single bot process (approx 250 actions) every three (3) hours. Every 2-3 days, I get the following error on the server, Control Tower will become unresponsive, and no additional scheduled processes are activated:


In Task Manager, I see three (3) JVM sessions taking up around 8GB of memory when this occurs.

In order to get the server running again, I have to restart RPA Express.

Any thoughts on a potential cause?

Hi @sbeauchem

It probably won’t be possible to share java heap dump files from your pc, but we can try to reproduce such issue on our side and analyze it.
Could you share your recording or business process (you can send it via a personal message) and the details of the schedule?

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How do you want it? As a Groovy script? Bundle up the workspace? I’ll have to drop placeholders into some of the variables that contain sensitive information.

The best way will the zipped folder with the .rpae file or the BP package from Control Tower.

DMed you. Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you @sbeauchem

The business process starts every 3 hours throughout the day, correct?

Yes. There’s a Control Tower schedule that runs it every three hours.

The schedule is set to attempt zero (0) repairs / retries. If it fails on a given pass, we skip and wait for the next schedule run.

Thank you @sbeauchem, we’ll test it during the following couple of days to reproduce the same issue.

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@sbeauchem We have tried to reproduce this issue for some time with no luck. We’ll see what else we can do to find memory leaks, I will post an update here as soon we have something. Sorry for the wait.

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@ashapkina thanks for looking into it. i’ve done some cleanup on the OS disk to create more space for VM paging, and that seems to have helped.

question: what’s the best approach for pruning old process jobs? i believe i read in the documentation that job history is maintained in RPA Express logs even if you delete them via Control Tower. How do we configure RPA Express to limit the growth of log files and job history?

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@sbeauchem please try these solutions to limit your log files