Merging business process after splitting it with ETL bot task?


what is the best way to merge business process to one thread after splitting it with ETL bot task. In my process I first complete couple of bot tasks, then split the process with ETL bot task to multiple threads (but only one processing logic), and would then want to merge back to single thread process.

I looked into the documentation and found sample links however I am unable to upload the sample packages to my environment. ( Any help would be appreciated.

Any recommendations?

There is currently no direct way to merge records in RPA Express.
The samples in the KB have been developed for SPA.

Do you need to merge records because you need to run the following bot task only once?

Yes, I want to do some preparation steps (run once) before splitting the process (run multiple times) and then a reconciliation step (run once).


Sorry for delayed answer.

There is no special ETL task or direct way to merge records in RPA Express yet.
Try this workaround to make sure the last bot task is executed only once:

  • in the List, that you split into strings, have 1 dummy value that will be used as a flag for the bot (for example, value “xyz12345”)

  • add If-Else condition to recordings:

    • for all recordings that need to run multiple times and use actual data: If “variable” not equals “xyz12345”, so all real values will be processes in these tasks
    • for the recording that needs to run only once: If “variable” equals “xyz12345”

In the Run tab of the business process, in Advanced Options, set the streaming rule to 100% to make sure the last task runs only after all previous tasks have been completed.

That should do the trick till we have out-of-the-box functionality for it.

I hope it helps! Let me know if it doesn’t work for you.

Thanks for this. Will test asap.

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