Microsoft Remote Desktop License

@ashapkina the grace finally expired. You have confirmed this is a ONE TIME renewal for the license. Please share the steps needed to clear this up, as I have issues now connecting to the AWS VM until I renew this I guess.

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Hi Todd,

Yes, it is a one-time free.

However, be careful with the CALs you select.

You need to make sure that you buy the version that is compatible with your server.
CALs are backwards compatible, not forwards compatible: if you have server 2012 and buy CALs for 2012, and then upgrade to Server 2016, the CALs will stop working, and you’ll have to buy them again. But CALs for 2016 will work for Server 2012 (ask the vendor before purchasing).

You can read more about RDS CALs you need for multiple bots in our knowledge base:

Also, you can find helpful info here:

I hope this info helps!


I’m sharing with you that I now have everything working with the purchased licenses. This was by no means a simple task to get all of this up and working.

First of all, the links to the Microsoft site to purchase a 5 pack license for 2016 server are no longer available, and they only sell for MS Server 2019. I purchased this for $779.00 and then proceeded to bounce around the planet from one department to the next trying to activate my new licenses.

Also following your instructions that the licenses only work backwards i.e, 2019 will work for 2016 but not 2016 for 2019, this is not true.

I have had to purchase the license through a 3rd party reseller and had to be sure that it was not OEM as it would not work in this instance of what we were doing.

Below are some resources I used to finally get all of this to work and configured:

I purchased the 2016 CALS from here:

I’m back up and running again :slight_smile:


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Hi Todd, thanks for the useful links :slightly_smiling_face:

We’ll replace the links in the knowledge base with the new ones - thanks for letting know they are outdated now.

Do you mean the licenses for 2016 will work for Server 2019?

I previously bought 2019 for $779 5 pack and it would not work. I was able to get that refunded, however I have Windows 2016 Server and then proceeded with 2016 licenses. I do not know about Windows 2019 Server because that has not been released yet.

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