Minimum Resources of machine to run RPA Express


I have an application where there is a standalone machine that we need to produce a report from tied to a specialist system. The system is old and the report can be produced using keystrokes only (no image recognition needed). As a fallback plan I might need to install RPA Express on the machine to produce the reports which then would be manually collected and mailed in to the main system, however, the target machine is of a low spec - 4gb ram, Intel Pentium G4400t, 2.90GHz running windows 7.

I know the “official” answer is that 8GB is needed but my question is could I install RPA-E on this machine providing that it was only doing one simple, non-image, task or would this be out of the question?

Owen, it is very unlikely you’ll be able to install RPA Express on a machine with 4Gb RAM, and even if you do, the execution will be incredibly slow.
The other specs are fine, but the amount of RAM is too small.