ML Hackathon - Prep & Info


Hi, for the ML Hackathon to be held in NY on May 17 (Link), could you please provide more info?

  • What should we expect at the event? Will you be giving us an hypermodel and dataset, which we will have use to train and post-process?
  • You have recommended to bring a laptop, is that for ML-SDK? Would you be providing access to other ML environment tools such as ML Server/Control Tower, Nexus, Marathon?

@abulka @a_kaltovich @aharhots



Hi @dagim.getachew,
For sure

  1. Yes, we’ll provide you the hypermodel and the dataset which you will utilize
  2. You need the laptop for ML-SDK. For the scope of the hackathon you will not need to access other ML environments. Please look through the system requirements for the laptop

Have you signed up already? Let me know if you have more questions.