Monitoring mail box


I am new to workfusion and I am trying to implement use case to monitor a mail box (gmail or outlook) and open specific mail based on the subject line.
Can anyone help me understand how can I implement it using workfusion rpa express


@Archana_MA - you can do this in the following way (for gmail):

  1. open website (

  2. click in the search field

  3. type: “**Subject:**your_mail_subject”

  4. press ENTER

  5. click on the first item with offset


  6. Do some custom actions


Thanks Azinchuk . I tried this solution and this worked. Is there any way we can implement this in such a way that the mail box is open and a process is running in background which checks for incoming email to that mail box and filter it based on subject.

  1. You can record a similar script

  2. Publish the script to Control Tower - a new Business Process will be created

  1. Put this business process on a schedule: