Mouse click on a new popup opened using Xpath

While working on web element if a new browser window /popup is opened the mouse click using Xpath doesn’t work…

Is there any way to get it worked?

I am using the RPA 1.1.6 version…



please add more description, screenshot, page source code

Using a X path mouse click when I click on a button …A page opens in New WINDOW of browser.
When I use Mouse click using Xpath for that newly opened popup window…Workfusion is not able to find the x path. Please find the screen shot


Those and Iframes, aren’t they? They are a bit tricky to work with.

But first, try to add a click onto the new window to be sure its the active window.

You need to target the iframe

Hey kyle,
Thanks for reply.
Tried the way you suggested, but it didn’t worked for me.
On click of login , the page is redirected to 2nd page in form of a new window/popup .
I think it doesn’t contain any frame set.

The left side looks like a classic Iframe, I would look at that again.

Try running this code in your BP:

 JavascriptExecutor exe = (JavascriptExecutor) driver;
 Integer numberOfFrames = Integer.parseInt(exe.executeScript("return window.length").toString());
 System.out.println("Number of iframes on the page are " + numberOfFrames);
 //By finding all the web elements using iframe tag
 List<WebElement> iframeElements = driver.findElements(By.tagName("iframe"));
 System.out.println("The total number of iframes are " + iframeElements.size());


thanks for reporting this interesting use case. We will try to provide a possibility to automate it in next releases.

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Tried to access the kb link, but unable to login. Please assist.