Mouse drag issue

Dear Team,

I am trying to copy online data by using mouse drag action.

The scenario is, start point image in on the screen but the finish point is obtained after page down.

Is there any solution to drag data?

For more details please find attached image.

Need to drag and copy data from Solution to Avaya (which is in red line)

I have tried to zoom out and taken image at 25 %. Still all data is not in front image. we need to sroll down for finish point.

Please suggest solution :slight_smile:

Hi amol_sonavane,

You could use shortcut keys to select text. e.g. double click on first word and then use CTRL + SHIFT + DOWN until you have the selection you are looking for. I find that shortcut keys are more robust and stable than mouse actions.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Thanks Athos for solution

But we dont know how many times we need to go down.

That means end point appears after 12 lines/ 15 lines or 20 lines…

Can you please give solution on that?

You could also try CTRL + SHIFT + END which will select all text from the point of the double click.

Let me know if that works… :slight_smile: