Mouse scroll never works

It seems no matter what method I use, I cannot use the mouse scroll action. It always gives me an error or does nothing at all. I just want to examine a web page in increments. This seems like it would be very straight forward but has taken a lot of time with no success. Thanks in advance.

@brian_joseph which option do you use in the Mouse scroll action, Image or Coordinates?

I’ve tried all. I finally got it to work off an image once but that image disappears it doesn’t seem to work well off of any other reference point. I’d like to click the scroll bar pg down area if possible. Is it recommended to use keystrokes in a web environment? Can the pointer get placed over the webpage area itself (not touching the boundaries of the browser pane elements) and then scroll?

@brian_joseph it is always better to use xpaths when you can, but in such situations you can absolutely use keystrokes in a web environment.

Currently, scroll by position isn’t working in the web, but scroll by image should work. You need to select an image that is always going to be static, the header menu, for example.

Yes, I did exactly that. It works now. I’d prefer not to rely on an image all the time. It appears that the web element is always disabled for an anchor point for scrolling, is this true?

Correct, Web Element option is unavailable for Mouse scroll.

Currently, you can only use it in Mouse click.