Mousemove to text on screen stored in string variable?




I know that this is not a feature atm, but is it a feature that is planned for future releases? I need it soo much :slight_smile:

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@Jens_Jespersen5, thanks for the idea! Is it for browser automation?


Yes it is for browser automation. Might be able to use xpath if I could use variables in xpaths. I also miss move mouse to relative position - relative to where it is :slight_smile:


You can use the Mouse Click By XPath now if this fits your goal.


I know, but i need the be able to use the string variable in the xpath, but that might come in a future release?


yep, it is planned for the next release


Sounds great - very nice. Perhaps together with xpath for mouse move and mouse drag? :innocent:


Wait for β€œxpath” would actually also be a nice feature :thinking:


Did this feature ever get added?


not yet, please vote for this topic to make it happen!