Move Excel files from one folder to another

I need to move all Excel files from the Downloads folder to another desired folder.
How do I do this? The downloads folder has other files in it, so I only want to move Excel files to the new folder.

All of the excel files start with the same file name ‘Membership Summary’ but the end of the file name is different (see below).


Thanks in advance

Use the option to filter files by name when getting the list of files from the folder.
It will give you only the files you need.

Thanks I tried but got the following error:

Here is the tasks I put in place after creating the variable list from get folder contents.


Can you share the screenshot of the action with action details?
It looks like you have a wrong file path in the action. It should be ${element}.

I changed the file path to the element and still not moving the files. This time I don’t get an error, it just finishes but the files have not been moved.




Here is the ‘get folder contents’ action set up.


Here is the error I just got: 'Failed to execute script. Illegal char <:> at index 2

You need to use ${element} as the path to the file, not ${excel_files}.

Thank you that worked!

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Glad it helped :slight_smile: