Move files to existing folder

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Is there any method to move files in a existing folder? I have to move files from 2 different locations into same folder. When i do it with Copy File/Folder option the existing file in the folder is replaced. But i want the 2 files placed in same folder. First i check the existence of folder and then move the files. Help me find a solution.

Certainly you can. The “Copy File/Folder” action has move option thus you can move the file, the folder it exists in to the folder you want it to be in!

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How to move/copy the files from one folder to other the Copy File/Folder moves the content including the folder but i want only the contents of the folder(like only the .docx, .xlsx, .txt) to be moved to a new location.
Suggest the possible way to achieve it

You can read the contents of the folder in a list variable, and them move each file to a new folder using For Each loop.

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