Move several files at once

I want to move several files at once using the copy file action. All files containing a certain string “abc” in the filename should be moved. I tried using a wildcard * in the original filepath field but that is not accepted.

Any ideas?

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Maybe use Get Folder Contents, then with each file check with text parsing if in name is “abc”. If it’s true, then do file move.


Yes, thanks! I tried that but it takes too long when there is a lot of folder content. I wanted to save time. Now I use a DOS command in the command prompt which takes a bit of time but not as long as looping through all the folder content.

Have you tried using filter by Name in the Get Folder Contents action, filter by regexp .*abc.*, and then move all files using For Each loop?

Hi Alesia
that was exactlty what I did in the meantime :wink:

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