Move specific files based on name

Hi, is it possible to move specific files to a folder based on their name?

The short answer is Yes, but can you provide more info about your use case?

I got the file path of specific files that need to be moved(from a mixed batch) they on an excel sheet, for each of those file-paths i want to move those files to a new folder.

So you have an Excel file with a list of paths to files, and some of these files (depending on the name) have to be moved to a specific folder?

no i used a python script to get certain file path based on content, now i know which files i want to move( all of those files have file paths which is on an excel sheet), i tried storing all filepaths from the excel into a list, then using copy/file function…not working

sample of excel:

You need to nest the Copy file action inside the For Each loop.


From a batch of files (the files i want to move i know their file path).

Thank you, however the 4th step gives me an error.

You use the wrong variable in the action.
You need to use “element”, not “filepath”.

You can read how to use For Each loop here

Thank you!!! :slight_smile:

It works, but the final step gives an error.

Check what result you have in the variable “filepath”. Perhaps, you have empty values there.