Moving from NEW verion of RPA to OLD version of RPA Express


I have a (working) recording made in WorkFusion FREE RPAExpress version 2.4.0… Due to some reasons, i need to move it back to older version of WorkFusion Free version i.e 1.2.0.

I have followed the steps for migration (opening .rpae file in notepad and manually changing version from to 1.2.0) still i am getting error as Unable to load recording or some times it shows error as Model does not contain URI namespace. Kindly help me out.

Thank you,

@mayurpatil the application does not support backward compatibility.
Besides, version 1.2.0 didn’t have a lot of actions and features that 2.4.0 has. So in case you need to use 1.2.0., you will probably need to create the recording there from scratch, using the actions that were available in that version.