Multi-Monitor Support



I am having challenges with multi monitor support and recorder. Capture new image is not particularly reliable. any recommendations?


@tony_shrader - please add more description:

  • how many monitors do you have
  • describe what happens when using the Capture new image functionality
  • do you have ability to run Recorder and automated apps on the same monitor?


There are two monitors. The capture function seems to be off about 16-20 pixels. The new image is off about the same. I will try the one monitor approach as a test, but it will be difficult to build a proper recording.


I’m having the same problem. I have a tablet and a big screen as a second monitor. Any images captured appear in the bottom left hand corner of the second monitor when I try to edit them, with most of the image off the edge (so unusable). I’m really struggling to get any of the examples running so I’ve had to put my own use cases on the back burner for now.