Multiple processes work together in single recording



Hi Team

Is there any possibility in RPAe for multiple processes work together in single recording?

i.e. registration, login, form 1, form 2, form 3 etc.

almost 20 form are there.

Is it working perfectly in RPAe?


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Thanks Alesia

Is RPA Express free tool stable?

Means, if there are 20-30 processes are there.

Is it working fine?




What exactly do you mean by processes? Different scripts that need to execute regularly, or the action within one script?



Yes, there are multiple forms in one software with registration/login form.

After login, there are 30 forms which need to fill by a robot.

Is it working fine in RPA Express tool?



Yes, that works.
There might be issues when the scripts are very large and include hundreds of steps with loops, but we are constantly working to improve the performance.
You can find more info here: Express 1.1.8 also freezes