Multiple Text Results

@ashapkina //*[contains(text(),‘Text to find’)]

//*[text()=‘Text to find’]

Mouseclick by text throwing an error due multiple text results.

@lakshmipriya_a in this case you will need to use a more unique xpath, like
//*[@id=“leftmenuinnerinner”]/h2[1]//span[text()=“HTML5”], where 1 can be a counter and defined dynamically, depending on the condition.

@ashapkina after we some filtration functions in RPA using FOREACH and IF condition , we can’t take it with xpath using index increment .

@lakshmipriya_a are these results in a table or can they be anywhere on the page?

@ashapkina these are results in a table

Then maybe you can store the number of the row in one of the columns of the Excel file, too, then read this value and use in the Xpath to get the required element.

Like xpath //*[@id=“main”]/table/tbody/tr[${row_number}]/td[contains(text(),‘Groups’)] in the example below



Is there a way to get the number of row without using excel (not sure how you are proceeding with excel to get the size of the list from a dynamic web page )

The way i am proceeding, i am making use of the xpath to get multiple value which i save it in a list variable after that i get the size of the of list , later in the recording i had the intention to use the expression in this post and use of For Each and IF condition to click on each one every-time but recording keep on failing at the xpath itself

Please advice