Mysql database connection

can anyone help me for mysql database connection

I want to connect with mysql database & fetch out the records.

host=‘’, user=‘root=’,password=‘test123’,db=‘infra’
qry=‘select * from tbl1’

I want to execute the above query & fetch output in csv/excel.

Please help me with this… it is quite urgent requirement.

@vikas_rawat1 - please see this article -

And there are a couple of topics on forum about that - How to connect to a Database (via Scripting)


Can anyone help me to understand how to create a mysql database connection in RPA express.
I am a newbie for RPA express and I don’t know the process.

Can you help with a simple RPA recorder/Groovy script for DB connection.
Please let me know how to execute and the fetch the output of a query in a csv file.

If you can help me with a sample script. Please attach a .rpae file.

much appreciated for your kind assistance.!


Vikas, there are currently no actions for connecting to a database in RPA Express.
We are planning to add them in future releases.

In the meantime, you can implement it via scripting. Please check out the links provided by @azinchuk above.

Hi ashapkina,

I believe that RPA Express is using a MySQL database, can you please explain me who to connect to the MySQL instance because I need to create a small database in the server where RPA Express is running. What is the following settings?

localhost (
port: 3306?

The reason is that when the build in Excel function does not cover what is needed then the bot can execute the operation in MySQL and retrieve the result. We have a lot of deployment issues when using native Excel.

If that is not possible then please advise me if I install PostgreSQL will give any problem for the RPA Express installation?

Best regards,
Michael Callisen

Hi, here i have used JDBC to connect to database and export it as csv.

ms sql connection.txt (2.4 KB)