Need bot to learn how to upload files

Hi there,

I’m new to RPA, and would like to achieve the below scenario:
Here is the scenario I’m working on (Domain registration):

  • list of domains (domain.xlsx)
  • list of domain owners’ information (owners.xlxs)
  • I’m processing the data in the domain excel sheet, one by one, getting cell value, save it into recorder variable, save the excel sheet file. Each time this runs will go to the cell below.
  • Same goes for the domain owners information
  • These domains have documents with their names (adomainwithouttld.pdf) stored in the server, which I need to upload in registration steps.
  • Since domain variable is (adomainwithoutld)
  • I need the bot to check the existence of domain documents in one folder using domain variable (adomainwithouttld), copy the path of the file, click on choose file, and paste the path.

Please help,


Hi @ialwahaibi

If I correctly understand your use case, try using this approach for each document to need to upload:

  • check file existence
  • if file exists, click the upload button
  • type in the path to the file
  • press Enter or click Save (whichever works)

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Thank you, I’m able to achieve the case above using your instruction.

Thanks a million!

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