Need help on String operations


Need to know how to achieve the following string operations in RPA Express.

  1. Concatenate String. Ex: I have two variable last name and first name. Need to concatenate as full name. Cannot see any option for this in Variables.
  2. Regular Expressions. Ex: Need to get the name alone from a string like Fname from "My name is Fname.

If we do not have such options, can we call any code to get these actions done?


Dinesh, you could use Join strings command for the first task, and separate the string with SPACE.

As for your second question, is the expression always the same, i.e. “My name is Fname”?

Thank you for the reply.

Yes always "My name is " will be same and only Fname changes.

You can use Substring or Substring between action in such case.

I have a scenario where i need to join strings with different separators where i can reuse the string using sub string operation and extract the required text based on the requirement. I have all the data in an excel sheet with 4 columns say, Data1,data2,data3 and data4.
Now i get the values into a table variable from excel and perform join string operations, i get the data joined together with separators as in below format:


but i want something like below:


Kindly suggest possible ways to achieve the above output

I have tried something where i have joined strings from table into two separate list and now how to join strings in two list variable??
data1|||???data2 --------> in a list say temp1
data3###%%%data4 ---------> in a list say temp2

I just wanted to combine both the list now (temp1 followed by separator temp2)
Suggest the possible ways to achieve the output…

Dear @Arthi,

If I understand you correctly, you can combine string variables into the list variable using Expression.


Thanks for your reply. I have the data in two list variables (list1, list2) each containing around 5 to 10 items and i want to combine into a single string separated by some separator. Kindly suggest some ways to achieve it.