Need help with increasing the speed of UI automation




I have recorded a process to copy data from a Excel Data Log to a word doc, which is individually saved as a Word document with different name labels. That was just to give a overview of what I am trying to achieve through RPA Express.

I need help with increasing the speed of this entire process. Like in case it takes a pause to click on a UI element like “OK” or maybe “Close” the mouse pointer has to move and click on the UI object every single time, which increases the time of automating a process. Can anyone help me do this swiftly without taking timeouts between these steps?

Essentially, I want to fast forward the bot’s process execution.

Can anyone help me with this?

Thanks in Advance!!


@Sharma_Nikhil - you can speed-up the bot by setting minimal delays for:

  • separate action(s):

  • or for all actions in Window > Preferences > RPA Recorder

How to speed up bot execution with many keystroke actions or mouse-clicks?

@azinchuk: So if we set the delay to 0 for all actions. This will be the fastest pace for the bot to perform actions ?