Need Help With Opening Web Elements

Greetings experts,

I am trying to automate the task of clicking multiple elements on a website.

Let’s say we have a webpage and I want the script to find all elements that start with “site_down_mp3.xhtml” and open them in a new tab

For example, elements like this:

Is this possible? Any help is much appreciated! :slight_smile:

Is it important to open the links in a new tab? Or can you open them in the same tab one by one?

@ashapkina Hi! Thank you for your reply :slight_smile:

I have just checked and it is important to specify calling each element to be opened in a new tab.

You could save the values of href attribute of each element you need in a List variable, and then use For Each loop to open these links in a new tab (using keystrokes).

See this tutorial on Web actions to see how to do it.

Maybe, this topic will be helpful, too

To select all web elements that start with , you can use a partial XPath.
In this case, it will probably be XPath //a[contains(@href,'site_down_mp3.xhtml')].

I looked through the article and tried it out but I am still not sure… Can you post an example file here? :slight_smile:

Have you tried building such script? Which part isn’t working?

I have managed to complete what I wanted to do by using other alternatives :slight_smile:

Chrome Extensions

  1. Linkclump - To open all links selected on a page

  2. Simple Mass Downloader - To download multiple links from all opened pages by indicating the url

After activating the downloads, I can also do my other work instead of waiting for an RPA script to finish

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