Need proper training on this software ! Big Time HELP!

Hi all,

Can anyone post all the pdf & training videos link here? Iā€™m already assigned on a project with this new tool , it looked easy at first but its getting a bit tricky as the project goes further into development.

  1. I need help with exceptions while login in,
  2. While entering the data on site if any error occurs, to catch an exception.
  3. Many other things like going back to specific conditions, help with exiting loops etc.

There are hardly any good resources :confused:
Thanks it will mean alot

Hi @DesertEagle
Have you looked at the knowledge base? In the user guide and training videos you find a lot of information


@DesertEagle we also have a course on RPA Express in Automation Academy available to all users:

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And the resources can get complete beginners quite a long way :grin: