Need to read email body contents

Dear All,

I need to read email subject and email body contents.

Please suggest can we do it with help of RPA Express and How?

I wish to read email subject and contents of email body. From the email body need to identify specific words like invoice number etc. Also need to check email has attachment or not.

Hi @amol_sonavane
I recommend using launch application action (I guess you use Outlook) and then mouse clicks and key stroke actions to get the email contents you look for. Use as many keystroke shortcuts as possible as they are more robust than mouse clicks.

Can you please explain me briefly?

  • open Outlook via launch application (having your inbox as default view)
  • your first mail in your inbox should be selected already
  • ENTER (opens mail)
  • CTRL-E (selects all text in body)
  • CTRL-C (copy to clibboard)
  • save clipboard to variable “mailtext”
  • Escape (close mail)
  • Enter (opens mail again)
  • SHIFT-TAB (several times until cursor is at the beginning of the subject line)
  • SHIFT-END (selects subject line)
  • CTRL-C (copy to clipboard)
  • save clipboard to variable “subject”
  • Alt+F, N should open the “save attachment menu”
  • wait for image action:
    if you get this, then there is no attachment.
  • Escape
  • Escape (should bring you back to your inbox)
  • keystroke DOWN opens the next mail to read

I hope that helps to get you going.

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Really great guide, Tim! :star_struck:

Thanks, glad you liked it :grin:

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Thanks Tim…Really great…

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ok but how to send mail …is there a same way?

In general yes. What you would need to do is to write down all the steps you do manually and then reflect them in your RPA process using keystrokes and mouse clicks. Preferably keystrokes and for mouse clicks try using Window control if possible as it is normally more precise than by image or position.

Hi every one …

Is it possible to get the email subject and body contents using pop or imap .

Hi every one please tell me how i do that …