Needs help with creating an Outlook Bot

Hi everyone,

I need help creating an RPA script that will open Outlook, look through only the new emails and download all attached files into a folder.

Any help is much appreciated! :slight_smile:

Hello @ham.
Do you know subject of an email that you need to find? If yes, you can use object selector for Outlook search bar and then find necessary email. Object selector can be found using Inspector, please see our guide:

Hi! Thanks for your reply, there is no specific subject but rather unopened emails.

I don’t think that searching only for unopened emails is a good practice, because there can be some emails that are not related to your task and bot can fail when trying to open it. I’d like to recommend to define some options that can help to identify these emails exactly and open only them.
For example, if you have exact email subject, you can make bot to click on search bar in Outlook using “Window control” option and then find necessary email.


Okay, how about the “download” part?

I can suggest the same - use Windows Control.

@ham his link by @timriewe can be helpful for you, too

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Hi all, thank you for all the help! I think I have my answers, how do I close this forum?
Sorry, this is my first thread :slight_smile:

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Hi @ham!
You can mark one of the replies as solution. To do it, please open “show more” options and find “Solution”.