Nested actions in a web portal

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May I know if we can have the Nested action in a website as we have in excel?

In the below screenshot, there is a number of tickets reflected on our local office website.

Right now my BOT is resolving only the first ticket ie Sr-23158.

Is there any way after resolving the 1st ticket it moves to the next ticket and so on?

Hi @karan_singh2a you can use For Each loop inside Open Website action to process all tickets.

Thank you , will try the above mention steps.

Few things i would like to know : Are you using Web Element to get the value of Ticket and storing the same in Ticket_list variable ?

and what is use of Ticket_List : List

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Also what is the function of Click mouse.

This as just an example of how you can use a loop, it is not a working script.

It depends on your use case. Do you have the list of tickets in some file before you run the script? If you do, then you can iterate through this list. If you don’t - you can open the website, save the ticket IDs in a list as shown here

and then iterate through this list.

Let me know if you need additional info.

HI Alesia , Morning

No , we don’t have any list of tickets , normally the tickets auto populate in the portal and every time the web element is diff , so we can not use web element at the moment to store the ticket id’s.

In this case you can first open the website and save all ticket IDs to a List variable, and then iterate through the list.
All IDs probably have some attributes with the same values that you can use to build a relative XPath to access them.
You can see how to save several values in the list in this tutorial

HI Alesia , thanks a lot for sharing the above , let me try and update you the final outcome.

Have a happy weekend

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@karan_singh2a and you, too :grinning: will be looking forward to the update from you.

Definitely , i will update you :slight_smile:
God bless you Alesia…