New BP page in Control Tower is showing a blank screen

Hi Team,
I am facing the below issue

Control Tower URL:


New Process Creation URL:

After opening the control tower, whenever I want to create new process, showing the below black screen

Regarding the licensing, I installed few days back. But showing license will be expire in 0 days

Please help me to solve this issue.

Hi @parichay_das,

Please provide some additional info:
In which browser do you open Control Tower?
When did you download RPA express?

Thank you.

Hi Ashapkina,

I am using chrome as a browser.

Yes I have already installed RPA Express


@parichay_das try opening the page in Firefox. Does it look the same?

Did you try using another browser?
Also, check the version of Chrome you use. The view of the menu panel is weird, perhaps you need to update Chrome version.

As for the Incidents messages in the Platform Monitor, it is expected behavior and shouldn’t cause such issues.

Resolved. Thanks You

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