New Course: Intelligent Automation for Banking!

New Course: Intelligent Automation for Banking! :partying_face:

Dear trainees,

We’re excited to announce the launch of our first industry-specific course: Intelligent Automation for Banking, which is designed for executives and leaders seeking to improve their businesses. This course will not only give you an overview of the industry, but also provide real banking use cases.

What you’ll learn:

  • Four critical challenges to banking

  • Why many banks’ current strategy is flawed

  • How to redefine your automation strategy

  • Perspectives for banks’ development and investments

Starting with this course we introduce a new learning path Automation for Business. Check it out on your Academy dashboard and stay tuned for updates :slight_smile:

We are always open to course improvements, so your feedback will be very valuable. Please do not hesitate to share it under this post as well. Thank you :heart:

Best regards,
Automation Academy team


Hi, I recently completed the Automation for Business Learning Path, and both courses were very good; specially the Automation Essentials one :slight_smile:

My current industry is not Banking, and although the topics were very interesting, they really provide little value to me since the examples do not resonate with my current line of business.

My concern with the Automation for Business Learning Path is that the title itself seems more appropriate for an industry-independent learning path, which is what I was looking for. However, this is not the case since the Banking course was added as part of the learning path.

Are there plans to incorporate other industries to the Automation for Business Learning Path? Healthcare, Manufacturing, Information Technology, etc?




Mario, thank you for your feedback.

Yes, this is the idea. We plan to add various courses to this path, and new courses about other industries are definitely coming. The path will become longer every quarter.

The first new course will be added in a few weeks (before the end of the year). Then, we plan to continue working on the path during the new year. We will make it as big and as useful as we can.

Best Regards, Dzmitry.

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Hola, me gustaria inscribirme al curso de automatizacion para la Banca y Servicios Financieros.
Muchas gracias!
Saludos, German

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@germanperey the course is now open for everyone. You can enroll in it here

Great! I just noticed a new course was added to the Automation Business Lead path:

Intelligent Automation for Insurance

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Yes, this course is open now

Hi everyone

I have been trying to do the [Intelligent Automation for Banking but i am unable to view it. Please help i have a deadline to finish it today.

@MbothoN what message do you see when you try to open the course?
Please provide more details.

Hi everyone

i am having a problem in launcing Intelligent Automation for Banking, kindly advise on how should i deal with the matter.

Hi @MbothoN,

Please provide a screenshot of a problem.

CC @vgrishkevich