New Course Launched: Automation Essentials 2.0

New Course Launched: Automation Essentials 2.0

Dear trainees,

:rocket: We’re excited to announce a relaunch of our most popular course Automation Essentials, which was the first one to appear in the Automation Academy two years ago and since then have given exposure to the basic elements of Automation for more than 30 000 business and technical participants!

Automation Essentials 2.0 offers a comprehensive overview of the current state-of-the-art for business automation. It is based on the latest industry reports and materials. Moreover, the new course is more interactive, has improved UI with responsive design and it takes just about two hours to complete and get certified! So we strongly recommend to everyone who’ve completed the old course to take a new Automation Essentials 2.0 as well.

:man_student: What you will learn:

  • Basics of digital transformation and its historical background
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and other relevant automation approaches
  • The power of Intelligent Automation and RPA 2.0
  • How to weigh the benefits and costs of business automation
  • Automation best practices throughout the journey — from identifying an opportunity to scaling success across an organization

:page_facing_up: Read the detailed description of the new Automation Essentials course here.

:warning: This course replaces Automation Essentials 1.0 course which will be terminated in a week (Fri Jul 19). If you have already started this course, please complete it as soon as possible or start a new one.

Please note, new course launch could have affected your overall progress of some of the learning paths. We recommend taking Automation Essentials 2.0 to be aligned with updated paths and complete your progress. If you face any other issues - you can share it directly under this post.

We are opened to course improvements, so please feel free to share your feedback and experience on the new course under this post as well. Thank you! :heart:

Best regards,
Automation Academy team :academy: