New Power User learning path


Dear students,

We launched a new course Mastering the Business Process with RPA Express yesterday, which will replace Power User Level 2. And now Power User path is open for everyone! :slight_smile:

In this new course you will learn:

  • Creating, modifying and running robotic bots to automate day-to-day tasks, using RPA Express.
  • Operationalizing the use of robotic bots through Control Tower.
  • Real business case creation.
  • Interpreting results and troubleshooting.

We will be happy to hear about your experience with new course and improve it based on your feedback. Please let us know your thoughts in this thread.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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This will be spectacular.


Hi @abulka,

Will this course available for RPA PRO users? If yes, how to enroll.


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Hi @narendra_purTG.

This course is available for all community. If you do not see this course on your dashboard, please let us know. We will fix the issue.


Hello, I think its more than enough of learning & reading about RPA Express tool for most of us…

Can we please get to see a live demo on real life project, I give you a scenario on which I’m working on…

  1. We get a data either from excel or pdf
  2. Then, we put all those values onto website form using xpath
  3. After that we print out invoice

Please give us a working website & excel data for this kind of project & make videos as well …must have good use of logic, exceptions & conditions … This is what real automation is like , this will help everyone out learning about workfusion better.

Thanks & Regards
WF Users
@ashapkina @abulka

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Thank you @DesertEagle
Good idea :+1:

We’ll try to prepare a demo like that.


thanks a lot, please do it soon …waiting for.actual good projects like that <3 hope it turns out to be as good as your certification & congrats to WF Team for being a top performer in forrester report.


Thank you so much @DesertEagle :grinning:

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