New Recording Error on RPA Recorder : "Could not save encoding settings"

I cannot start a new recording on RPA recorder. I created one and then it failed and gave an error and showed Java error with messages. I closed the page and each time I re-try to create a new recording I cannot pass this page as shown below:

I cannot reproduce the error either since it doesn’t let me create a new recording.

Please try this solution Unable to save new recording

Did this solution help?


So above issue is resolved but now my Media files view is not displaying anything.

It works until I restart the Recorder. When I restart the recorder everything disappears. I tried creating a new Workspace but still the same issue. It shows what’s in the file for the first time after creating the new workspace. Afterwards it disappears.

@abdulkadir Please try this solution. After that, refresh your media files tab, all recordings should appear in the media files.

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Yes this seems to work. Thank you

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Glad it worked :grinning: Let me know in case of any other issues