New step in AE Specialist learning path!

Dear trainees,

We added a new course on Open Development Framework to AE Specialist path!

Open Development Framework (“ODF” or “Framework”) is a powerful use case automation development framework used for WorkFusion SPA. It provides high-level components and API for data processing, architecture for large RPA automation, support for dependency injection, unit and integration testing, reduces usage of XML code, adds deployment automation.

The goal of this course is to get all Automation Engineers within your Organization prepared for real Production implementation using ODF which will reduce your efforts and make development easier and industry-standard.

Please feel free to share your feedback on the course in this thread or send us details to

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First of all, the ODF seems to be right direction for Automation using workfusion(where all the best capabilities/design patterns of java can be reused). However, I believe its at a very nascent state and I am unable to find any help on this even within forum. Can you please direct me to some Java Docs or any sort of documentation on the use of classes like com.workfusion.intake.api.domain.Document ? Your help would be much appreciated.

Hi @pmukherjee,

You can attach the source code for ODF. You can find out how to do this at the following link:

After that, you can open the source code for the classes and test the methods that these classes have and how they work, this should help you understand how to work with them.

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Ilya Shmaust

Thanks Ilya. That helped. Now walking through the code. I’d still suggest to improve on the JavaDoc. :+1:

Hi @ishmaust,

I’ve tried all the sources available and they didn’t work.
I currently have RPA Express 2.2.2 installed in my machine.

Am I missing anything?


Bruno Costa.

Hi @brunoazev,

Sorry for delay!
You must install the source code for the version of ODF that is used in your project, you can check this in the parent pom file.
What version of ODF are you using in your project?

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Ilya Shmasut

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Hi @ishmaust,

I assume it’s 9.2.0


Bruno Costa