New Version Workfusion

I want to ask whether every time there are changes to the version of WorkFusion, the old version will still be supported by Workfusion or not? Or should we always update to the latest version of Workfusion?

Why do we ask this, because before we used version 2.1 and when we ran the process in version 2.2.3, it didn’t work properly and we had a lot to change. For example on a Windows switch.

The impact of this is as follows:

a. The number of desktops increases

The process cannot be made on the same desktop as the previous process with a different version, so it must add a desktop even though it should not be needed.

b. It takes time for checking and re-developing to the latest version

If it is still forced so that it can still be a desktop, and for example, the old version is no longer supported, then there is a need for time for checking and re-developing to the latest version.

Hi @abdu_rachman.

If you don’t want to upgrade to the latest version, it’s up to you, you can work with the previous one. But in this case you can miss some important fixes of old bugs or new features. So we usually recommend to update till the latest version. Currently there is no possibility to provide fix for some previous RPA Express version.

the problem was when I upgraded with the latest version to eliminate the previous bugs of version old but there is a feature in the new version that makes the old version have to be re-developed. for example, when you open a new window in the old version you don’t need to activate the window, I can write in that window, and this doesn’t apply to the later version. if this happens again in the next version it will be troublesome because we have to re-develop every new version.

Thanks for clarification. So, in this case you can use some of previous versions, but as I mentioned in my previous post, you may miss new improvements.
Perhaps, in your case will be more convenient to check the newest RPA Express version in test environment before updating.