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I am having an issue: I am not able to switch on a pop-up window, after clicking on the download button

Hi @h01234567.
What do you mean “not able to switch on”? Do you receive the exception? Please share your script and error message if possible.

Hello @h01234567.
Do you have ‘DownloadDialog’ variable in the Recorder Variables? Please read about Custom Script in this guide:

Hi @h01234567 before switching to the window, you need to get its handle

You can see how to do it in this post

Is the pop-up window fully loaded at this time? If it not, add a timeout to the action.

Can you share your recording to have a look?

If you don’t want to share the recording on the forum, you can send it is a personal message.

If the way with getting handle doesn’t work, use this custom action to switch to the popup

@ashapkina i am unable to click on any web element after switching to the new tab in chrome. Could you please suggest and help to resolve.

What error do you get?
Please share your recording.

@ashapkina am sharing the screenshot,as i could not share the recording. It’s huge and has client information. The error says that : unable to locate the element.

There can be several reasons:

  • the XPath you use is incorrect
  • the element is located in an iFrame
  • use switch to the wrong window, etc.

First, make sure that the XPath is correct and that the element is not inside an iFrame.


  1. i checked for xpath and it’s correct. Because when i tried to click the same web element in individual page it worked. so i conclude that xpath is correct and no iframe is attached to it.
  2. The window handle for the page is also correct which i am using to switch to the window.

Steps i follwed:

  1. i have a main url from where i am picking up 2 links/href.
  2. Using the keyboard action(Ctrl+T) i have opened new tab and pasted the link to open it.
    3.Once the page gets open i have used cutom script to switch to the window.
    4.When i am trying to click on the webelement, it is giving me error as No such element found.

Please suggest, i am stuck into this issue since many days.

Can you share your custom script code?



def customScript() {

window_title is the windowhandle obtained using driver().getWindowHandle().

Is this the second Custom script in the flow above (step 719)?
Then what does the fist script do (step 717)?

i have removed the first custom script now and using only one custom script which i have shared just now.

I think that the Constant value action might read the handle of the previous window (the one that is active at that moment), not the one you open in the new tab.

Why don’t you use the switchToNextWindow() here?

After you open the new tab, press Enter and wait for the window to load, use this custom action to switch to it


def customScript() {

and then use the mouse click and web actions in the new window.

i made the changes as per your suggestion, still did not work!!

@shivangee_sunX can you share the actions flow you have now?