No connection to control tower in version 2.4.0

When i start the control tower(SPA), i am getting "No Connection to control tower "

I followed this approach of restarting the IDE in administrator mode, but of no help.

Could you please help?
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@shivakrishna what Control Tower do you want to connect to? Is it localhost? (You can check it in the server profile).

Yes @ashapkina, i wanted to check local control tower but it is not loading. Attaching screenshots of it!

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Sometimes it can take a long time for the components to load.
Restart the application, turn on the server components and wait for a longer time.

I have waited for longer time almost 1, 2 hours, but still it is not able to load. How long do i have to wait?

I have one more query regarding ODF project setup.
For one of the project requirement, I need to Setup ODF project in Workfusion V9.4. But in the KB page i could not find steps for Version 9.4. It only mentioned setup for 4 versions of SPA(9.2.2,9.3,10.0,10.1)

could you please clarify on how to set up 9.4 version. Any links is really appreciated.

What error does it show when you hover over the yellow icon in the Components tab?

For questions about ODF, check out this category:

Here it is

Thank you.

Please send the Agent logs from C:\IntelligentAutomationCloud\Agent\Logs
and share your pC specs.

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Please let me know if you need anything else (7.0 KB)


Looks like there is some issue with the Vault component. Check that the ports 8200 and 15100 are closed for any external applications. Also, make sure that all preconditions are met:

Switch off server components, close the application, then start Studio, switch on server components and wait till they load completely. Let me know if the issue occurs again.

I restarted my machine and did what you have mentioned.

To give you some context. Previously, i had already installed SPA latest version(10.1), and i did not face this issue during that time.
Now i uninstalled and installed SPA 2.4.0 and was trying to set up ODF project and deploy to CT via Nexus.

I was thinking all the port numbers in workfusion will be fixed and does not change.

Correct me if i am wrong, if it worked for latest version, it should also work for SPA 2.4.0.