No modal dialog is currently open error (basic authentication)

I’m trying to get log files from our air supply unit, which has a HTML-based web-interface. First I use “Open Website” -action (using Firefox). Then I login using “Enter keystrokes” -action. The page opens and asks to choose a language. But then I hit a wall; RPA does not find Xpath element to click, but instead gives an error “No modal dialog is currently open”.

I do not know what is wrong?!? I also tried with image recognition, but still no luck. I have done few web browser automation jobs before and none of the has had this problem. Only difference about this one is that the web-interface has a basic login before language selection page opens. And with basic login I mean the popup, which pops up from the browser and asks for a username and password.

@janne_mustonen could you provide more details, like the url (or the source code of the webpage), the screenshot of the failing action, if possible - share your script.

Thank you.

Thanks Alesia, I’ll send you the script as a private message.

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Hi @janne_mustonen thanks for sending over the script.
I get the same exception, looks like it is related to the way the page is loaded in the Open website action. We’ll investigate further.

Ok, great, thank you! Please check also the other two browsers, as it seems that they are not able to handle the basic authentication popups. This is probably a problem with any site that uses basic authentication.

@janne_mustonen please try this workaround for basic authentication:

Include the username and password in the Open website action so the credentials are passed to the browser. Your URL should look like: http://username:password@the_rest_of_the_url
When the website opens, you should be automatically logged in and be able to use Xpaths.


Works perfectly, thank you very much! Maybe you could add a hint how to use basic authentication to the site url “?”-icon or under the Site URL -inputbox in future releases for other users…

@janne_mustonen glad it helped.
We’ll add the tip to the help box in the Recorder and to the documentation.