Not able to click the screen with power off


Automate the daily operation check of our web application using RPA Express.


  • Desktop PC (dedicated to RPA Express)

  • Windows 10

  • Run the scenario(.rpae) everyday on the schedule set by Control Tower


When run the scenario(.rpae) under the following condition, the Mouse Click (image) can not be executed normally.

  • Power off the monitor without locking the PC (Windows 10)

It can be executed without problems when the monitor power is on.

How can I resolve this issue?

Hi @kazuyuki_tozaw is it possible that the PC is in Sleep mode at this time (not locked)?
If it is in sleep, the execution will fail.

Hi @ashapkina

Thank you for the comments, however, the PC is not in Sleep mode(not locked).
Only the power of the monitor (of the Desktop PC) is turned off.
Also, the PC dedicated to RPA Express is not powerd off and not locked, 24 hours 365 days.

By the way, will following findings be useful in order to solve this issue?

The monitor is wide monitor with the aspect ratio is 16:9, and connected to main body by HDMI cable. Of course, under the condition that the monitor power is on, the Bot can recognize the image reflected on the screen, and executed normally, then the issue does not occur. However, when the monitor power is off, the aspect ratio of it seems to be changed.

<My findings - in detail>

  • The number of lines scrolled by PgDn Key varies, whether the monitor power is on or off.
  • If I take a screenshot when the monitor power is off, the aspect ratio of the screenshot image seems to be 4:3.
    From the above, I assume that due to the location of the image of Mouse Click deviates from the expected location when the monitor power is off, the Bot is not working properly.
    I also assume that it depends on the characteristics of the hardware.
    For comparison, when using the 4:3 monitor (VGA) and turning off the monitor power, then the issue did not occur.
  • As I temporally borrowed the VGA monitor, I have to return it soon …

If the resolution of the screen, on which the bot has to click, changes, image clicks are likely to fail. Does the bot need to click in a desktop application? If yes - try using Window Control option for the click.

I tried Window Control but it did not solve.
I changed the monitor to VGA connection and changed the script a little to avoid the problem.