Not able to open Spreadsheet


It seems the robot has an issue opening spreadsheet from an address different than a regular disk folder.

I’d like to open an Excel file from

I can do it with Win+r but then I cannot use the RPA Express Excel functionalities.

I’d be very grateful for a solution.

On a side note - I have another issue. Often a variable I’ve set doesn’t appear on the drop-down list of variables to choose from while it is clearly set in the variables window. It’s very frustrating.

Hi @Piotr,

You can use “Open spreadsheet” action only for excel files which are stored on your local machine.
So the Path should look like this: C:\directory\example.xlsx.
I can recommend you to download this file from the website, store it on your machine and use “Open spreadsheet” action.
You can find more information in our Knowledge Base -

What about your second issue:
Could you please clarify what is the type of the variable and in what action you’re trying to choose it?
You can send a screenshot of your actions flow with the variables captured.


Best Regards,

thank you for the response.

That is very unfortunate because our entire database is on sharepoint. Furthermore when we save a file from citrix we cannot save it on a local machine. We figured a workaround but it’s a big waste of time in the process and complicates the workflow. It would be great if you expanded the “open spreadsheet” action and enabled opening excel files from external databases.

As for the variable, it seems the main issue is that we cannot set a number from a cell. We need it to run the loop the X times where X is the number of rows filled in the excel file. We had a simple macro to provide us with data such as the number of rows but any numeric information cannot be used in such way. We have a workaround for calculating the number of rows but creating a workaround for every simple thing is not very appealing idea for the future.

I have a scheduled meeting with Valentina tomorrow so we will discuss some issues we stumbled upon so far.


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Hello, @Piotr

You can’t save a variable as a number. But you can convert String to a Number using “Number format” action and choose “Convert string to number”:

You can find more information regarding this option in our Knowledge Base -


Thank you. This should be very helpful.

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