Not able to publish to control tower in 1.1.3


After Installing latest version 1.1.3, I am not able to publish any script to control tower. No option appears on clicking the tab ‘Publish to Control Tower’


Hi, @Sandeep_Varma
Is CT running?
Try to click “Publish as new business process”



I did that as well. However, nothing pops up unlike previous times when i used to get a pop up window.


Go to
and send me all logs from the folder, please



I did not find any content in files which state log.

Let me know which one of the file in the screenshot is relevant one.


Just add whole .metadata folder to archive and attach here


Please find attached the requested zip folder (2.3 MB)



  1. Please, tell me what is you version number?
  2. You have a strange project structure


Your project with recording should be in
did you modify it through File Explorer?


I see two folder structure in my system. Once I had changed the workspace when I faced the issue with publishing the script.

However, the lower of the selected folder has just RPA Examples folder inside it. My projects are in upper folder and i mailed you the zip of its metadata

Which one is the valid one?


I have downloaded and installed the latest version today i.e. 1.1.3


The top one is valid .
Remove the 2 one.


It didn’t help. Still no pop up after pressing ‘Publish to Control Tower’.


You messed up your workspace somehow.

  1. Back up your recording folders
  2. Delete workspace (when recorder is closed)
  3. Open recorder and create new recording - it will create new workspace
  4. Restore backed-up recordings to C:\Users\USERNAME\workfusion-workspace\rpae_project\


Hi Sandeep,

I faced similar issues. Please try installing the rpa express directly under C:/ program files. You should be able to see your tasks in sandbox.

Kishan Gourav.


Hi Kishan,


I followed previous advice from Mzhalniarkevich. It worked.


Thanks. It worked


Dear Team,

I am trying to use “Publish to control tower” feature in workfusion 1.1.4 version but I when I am clicking on “publish to control tower”, nothing is happening. Can you please provide me the solution.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


@sarveshmishra - please see the posts above