Not able to schedule the Business Process at the defined time

Hi Team,

I am unable to schedule the Business process at the defined time .
As you can see in the below screenshot
I am trying to schedule the BP to run at 9:30 AM EST and the system time is 9:15 AM EST and I should be able to create the scheduler for BP , but when i tried to save it is throwing an error stating that should be after current server time.and server time is 1 hour ahead of system time .

Note: After the time changed from normal to day light saving we are facing this issue .

Once we are back to normal time from daylight savings we need to change all the details for all the BP which are scheduled and it is not recommended .so,Kindly let us know if there is any configuration changes to be made or any work around ?

and let us know ASAP since it will affect our business

find the below screenshot


Hi @asalimath the server time in Control Tower is not changed after you transfer to daylight saving time, so you will need to update the schedule. Set the process to run at 10:30 in the CT.
I’m not sure what details you need to change in the process as it only affects the schedule time.

HI Shapkina,

As of now we have 5 bot (Node) and we have around 50 process which are in prod and we have scheduled in such a way that to run process one after another starting from 12:00 AM EST to 12:00 PM EST in every node .
The concern over here is what ever the new BP which we are going to schedule should be scheduled one hour ahead if we do that somewhere the BOT will overlap with 2 different business process and it will not be able to run (Note : we have configured Node capability for every business process .
Also, when we get back to normal time after daylight the BP which are scheduled duing day light will over lap
example : sample A BP is scheduled to run at 8:00 AM EST (normal time)
Sample B BP is scheduled at 8:00 AM EST (during Daylight saving and it was supposed to schedule to 7:00 AM EST)
once we the daylight saving is over the sample B BP will overlap with Sample A BP and conflict will arise ,hence I need a solution on this .