Not able to see 'Mouse Click by XPath' option

I am using WorkFusion RPA Express 1.1.0-beta Version. I already checked the documentation as well as answer to Not getting "Mouse Click by Xpath" in version 1.1.3 (which is pointing to documentation again).

I drag ‘Mouse click’ on top of Open Website element/ Action. It does add ‘Click Mouse (click left button)’ element in my project. However, Click on web element (XPath) option under Locator remains elusive.

Please help.

Hello, @Nilesh_Singh

You need to download the latest 1.1.4 release and install it to be able to use Mouse Click by XPath.

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Hello, @azinchuk

I have 1.1.5-beta version installed and cannot see the “click on web element(Xpath)” option under locator.

Please help.


this option appears only if this action is inside the Open Website or Switch to Browser action.

See -

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I have WorkFusion RPA Express version 1.1.5-beta. I tried adding mouse click to open website and switch to browser and in both cases couldn’t find the “click on web element(Xpath)” option under locator.

Please help me fix this.


Update: I opened the application today and the option appeared by itself. I am suspecting an auto-update occurred. I would be glad if you could confirm it.


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