Not getting Firefox, chrom browser after upgrade to 1.4.0

Today I upgraded to version 1.4.0. Seems I am not finding the Firefox, Chrom browsers, needed to get XPATH. Can you please help

@supriyo_sarkar Are you sure you don’t have them in the drop-don in the Open Website action?

data.docx (195.6 KB)

Please check attached screenshot. C:\RPAExpress\Application do not have the necessary browsers. Please send the requisite. We are stuck

@supriyo_sarkar That’s right, there shouldn’t be any applications. We don’t use portable browsers anymore. You can use Chrome, Firefox and IE installed on your computer instead. The browsers need to be installed with default settings.

how do we get xPath, since portable browsers had utility to get XPATH.

You can copy xpaths from these browsers, too.

Chrome: Inspect - Copy - Copy Xpath

Firefox: Inspect Element - Copy - Xpath


I am not able to find the Chromium portable exe in the latest version.

Thanks & Regards,
Mouli Malakar

@mouli.malakar We don’t use portable browsers in RPA Express anymore. Instead, you can use standard Chrome and Firefox browsers that are installed on your computer.

Hi, but how do I figure out the xpath of an element? I can’t see that using standard chrome.

@mouli.malakar You can get xpaths in both chrome and Firefox as shown above.

How can I get Chromium Portable or Firefox Portable as it is not present C:\RPAExpress\Applications.

Naveen, we no longer support portable browsers. You can now use the Chrome and Firefox browsers installed on your computer.


I downloaded RPA Express, and have been working on creating a project. I got stuck with trying to find the xPath of an element online, so I was trying to look on the forums for suggestions. What I found was to use the Firefox Portable browser, but it does not seem to be in the location that was indicated to me.

Where would I find this? Or how would I go about downloading it if it wasn’t there?

Hi @ashtonmohns. We don’t work with portable browsers any more. You can see how to extract xpaths in other browsers in the thread above.