Number data type


Currently we are able to use this function with string variable only (number variable not provided in “new cell value” drop down )
I managed to use a number as value (was able to copy the value from the string variable to a number variable , thus value is really a number) but when we open the excel file it clearly tells us it is a text and not a number (annoying as excel is made to process number)

I have same issue when doing ocr : I know I do OCR on specified number (financial reporting) but I’m only able to use a string and not a number as target variable

In summary, how do you currently OCR number and write them to excel ?



Hi @Pierre_Bernier3

I think we need a bit of a help from you to understand the 1st part (the OCR for a number value is clear we will comment separately).
What do you have? Is it a number variable that you try to populate into excel and it gets converted by Excel into a text?
Please share a bit more details.


Thanks for your answer

When I use excel function Set Cell Value, in the parameter drop down ( “new cell value” ) we are offered only string variable, number variable are not available

So using this function with a string variable containing a number is seen as a string by excel, not as a number (see my picture : number 4 is interpreted as a string when opening the created excel file )


As a workaround you can format the cells in excel beforehand. It should do the job.


@Pierre_Bernier3, @mabramchik

if we deal with data from OCR, which all come as Text, I’d suggest formatting all cells on the list as Text. The point is, that Excel is too smart in some cases and converts the content of the cell in its own way, so we can loose some information. The suggestion is only for raw data from OCR, which are not processed with the Text actions.