Number expression calculation error

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I have a calculation I need to do via an expression.

I work out interest amount to multiply with.
Basically, I have an interest amount and need to divide it by 100 then divide by the days in a year.
It looks like this as an example (10 / 100) / 365 or (${interest_t1} / 100) / ${days_in_year}
This calculation fails and the bot crashes. the answer I need is 0.000273972
I need this sort of value to work out a daily interest amount. 50000(loan) * 0.000273972 = 13.96(interest) for 1 day. Is workfusion unable to do this type of calculation? How do I work around this?


Hi @ivan.swiegers what error do you get?
Is it the same one as in this topic?

good day

this is exactly the same errorerror

i unfortunately cannot do hard coding, the values are changing all the time. i upgraded now to the latest version and error still occurs. Iā€™m going to use the new excel ability to work around this now.


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Thank you @ivan.swiegers
As soon as we release a version with the fix, we will post here.

@ivan.swiegers this issue has been fixed in the new release