Number format for RunTime Value Exception



Through OCR i am capturing a Number , that is captured as String. So with Number Format i am trying to convert it to Numeric value. While running this scenario, i am getting below Exception -

Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Representation ‘0.5045’ is unknown to RNumber mask '0.0000;en-US’
(Where .5045 is captured number through OCR which is stored in String Valriable)

But if i use Hard coded Value (Default Value for Variable) in Number Format, Then it is working fine and performing all the operations in correct manner.

Please suggest how can i resolve this issue.



@neha_sahu could you show the details of the Number format action and the image on which you use OCR?



Please find attached snapshot for variable Dlr_pay as String and then through number Format Option i am trying to convert it in Int in variable dlr_pay_int



It seems to work with this mask.

Can you check what value is saved in the ${dlr_pay} in the execution-result.log file? Maybe, there is something with the ocr result.



Please tell me where i can get execution-result.log file in my system


You can find it in the recording’s folder in the Media Files panel



Thanks for your reply -

Execution log file is like below. Its saving some garbage. I am looking for variable dlr_pay and trade_value


@neha_sahu we used to have a bug in OCR when it recorded these junk symbols at the beginning of the result, but we have fixed it for version 2.0.